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What is SimpleLoader?

It's a file convertor

Convert From: Excel (old and new formats), Pipe Delimited text, Tab Delimited text, Semi-colon Delimited text, CSV and Access Databases (old and new).
Convert To: Excel (new), Access Database (new), CSV, Sql Server and Oracle.

It's a data collector (from many files into one)

SimpleLoader can collect from multiple files (in multiple formats) into one destination; for example two different Excel files (formatted differently to each other), a CSV, a Pipe Delimited text file into one table in an Access database.

It's a data cleaner and manipulator

It also allows you to change and tidy the data as it's loaded using very clear and easy to use functions such as ALL TO THE LEFT OF "," if you wished to extract text like "Bill" from "Bill,unwanted text". Other functions such as NEW TEXT allow you to create data on the fly.

It's a field mapper

Map fields just how you need; if you wish to use a 'first_name' field multiple times for example, just go ahead. You chose which fields you want to use and map them to whichever one you need to fill in.

It's a data filter

Filter out unwanted records using the filter - often blank lines are of no use for example.

It's amazing!

The final touch (forgive the approaching pun!) it's touch screen ready and allows you to move all your fields and connections around to give it a more natural feel.

What do Katie, Cat and Dog think of SimpleLoader?

What our customers have to say...

Using SimpleLoader to merge all the various formats of spreadsheets our suppliers send saves me literally hours every week

I wish I'd had a tool like this 10 years ago

We use SimpleLoader to populate a data warehouse which has saved a huge amount of development effort

I'm not really a 'techie' but SimpleLoader is so simple to use I've been able to pick it up in no time at all

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About Aviana

After watching a small child effortlessly use a tablet PC, we understand that children will expect all technology to be intuitive - even when they eventually grow up and walk into an office.

We're inspired by these beautifully designed tools and the power they can offer. We want to give that power to you, starting with SimpleLoader.

SimpleLoader is a simple and elegant ETL tool designed to automate away the job of data manipulation and loading. We understand you've got better things to do than repetitively open other peoples files, move stuff around and copy it from here to there. We want to give that time back to you.